The Phoenix Movement

The Phoenix Movement


The Phoenix symbolises renewal and resurrection.The mythological bird at the end of its long life builds its on funeral nest out of cinnamon branches, ignites it with a single clap of its wings and burns it to ashes.

Out of the flames and ashes, the Phoenix revives as a young bird.


Thinking about the idea of starting the Phoenix Movement, we have been looking for answers to the following questions:

What does the country that we would like to live in look like?

Are we ready to make the needed change?

Where lies the power of the communities that the change can be based on?

The Phoenix Movement was born to enable all of us in Hungary to create, and to contribute to, a liveable, friendly and free country that belongs to all its citizens. 


Our country has to be rebuilt by us together, concerned and responsible citizens, with care and patience. We welcome all honest and well-meaning fellow citizens to join us on this journey. 

We know that this is going to be a difficult and painstaking task, but we have no other choice.

By starting, we need to be the change we want to see in our country.

We, the members of the Phoenix Movement, are not afraid to change and to make changes. Because we have decided so. 


How do we achieve these goals?


  • We focus on people and communities instead of authority and control.
  • We connect, strengthen and support those who will create the new power, communities already existing or yet to be created.
  • We support the process of creating a strong mutual basis that we can build a new Hungary on.
  • We help to revive and consolidate those values and principles which ensure the success of the joint effort.
  • We turn to each other and reach out to other people fearlessly, with trust, care, curiosity and patience.

What do we do?


  • Within the Phoenix Movement, we create in small what we would like to see in large. By this we show the way.
  • We assist the mutual work with methods and opportunities.
  • We support the revival and the consolidation of the communities by events, deeds and actions.
  • We systematically list the issues underpinning our coexistence and cooperation.

Values we insist on


  • Rule of law
  • Livelihood security
  • Public safety
  • Human dignity
  • Equal rights and opportunities
  • Non-violence
  • Fair competition
  • Social cohesion
  • Politically active citizens
  • Ethical civil service and politics
  • Economic prosperity, increasing living standards
  • Confirmation of our European commitment
  • Sustainability and stability on all levels
  • Protection of our natural and cultural heritage

We would like to live in a country…


…where everyone has a chance to take part in discussions and decisions around the issues concerning their lives, and will also be able to check the results.

…where people trust and can rely on each other—in the street, in the shops, at their workplace and at public offices.

…where society consists of individuals who are independent both financially and intellectually, and who behave responsibly towards each other and the environment.

…where government is based on common national values, underpinned by a social consensus.

…where the state ensures the opportunity of learning and self-development in order to find a fulfilling and suitable job, without the need of family connections and one’s social network.

…where one can prosper by hard work and original ideas.

…where there is a feeling of safety, cooperation and respect instead of fear and intimidation.


This is the country the Phoenix Movement is working for. Will you join us?


The translation is based on this Hungarian text:

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